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January 10, 2014  •  1 Comment

Heimweh - mmmh, today's post is going to be a bit more personal. It was just Christmas after all. I am aware that most people are done with it, but, Christmas is such a wonderful time. You get together with your loved ones, light up some candles, get all snuggled up on the sofa and then... get scared when that Santa bangs on the door like a madman! Yes! That is what happened when I spend my Christmas at my brother's house in Altenburg. That Santa was quite forceful... he had probably never heard of that little thing called handle with which we open doors :)

For those of you that don't know much about the German Christmas tradition, a quick explanation: in Germany, the most important day is Christmas eve. Although a normal working day till noon, there is lots of magic starting right after 12pm. Everyone stops working, most shops close down and families start to gather for the big moment. Regionally different, but in most parts of Saxony the Santa or 'der Weihnachtsmann' will come to your house at around 5pm. He brings all the presents in a huge bag (depending on how well you behaved throughout the year) and children have to recite poetry or sing something in order for him to open his big sack. It's great fun and adults and children are excited alike.

Oh my cute little niece was awesome! Shame that auntie, being given granddad's compact camera, was not able to handle the challenge and didn't realise that she did not film the Santa scene.... argh... as we say in German 'Ich moechte einmal mit Profis arbeiten', literally meaning it would have worked if auntie was a professional :)

Anyway, I had a lovely Christmas back home in Germany. We don't get to see our family very often, which is a shame. But I guess that is the price you have to pay when choosing to live in another country. There are days though when I miss my home so much. I hear about all our friends getting together and I get jealous because I cannot be part. I hear about our family having fun on days out together, but I am not there. Fortunately, these rather sad days don't come along very often and we do have great friends here in Manchester, who are basically our UK family :).

Of course, whilst we are in the company of our family, we try hard to take these rare opportunities to get them in front of our lense. And, to be honest, a week without picking our camera up would be impossible. Oh and we have had amazing sessions with mine and Heiko's family. See the proof below, my niece was a right little star and Heiko's niece and nephew were marvelous little posers!

Now just a few little words in German, so please feel free to skip to view the new generation of German supermodels :) and a few of the adults too :)

Nun noch ein paar Worte fuer die deutschen Freunde und Familie und wer auch immer unseren Blog lesen moechte. Wir hatten eine schoene Zeit in Deutschland und haben es sehr genossen mal wieder etwas Zeit mit Familie und Freunden zu verbringen. Leider haben wir ja nicht soviel Gelegenheit dazu und verpassen auch ein bisschen wie unsere Nichten und der Neffe gross werden. Naja, aber so ist das halt wenn man sich dafuer entscheidet im Ausland zu leben. Es geht uns ja super gut in Manchester and wir sind sehr gluecklich!

Wir haben es uns dieses Mal nicht entgehen lassen eine richtige Fotosession mit den Familien zu machen. Die Kinder haben super mit gemacht, wie die Ergebnisse zeigen, und auch die Eltern und Geschwister haben sich von der besten Seite gezeigt.


Kati xxx

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Beautiful photos and a great family memory
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